Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chile


I LOVE this recipe. Not only is it extremely easy but it is SOOOOO good! One of my favorite meals to eat, especially on a cold night. Or even on a warm one. Doesn』t matter, this stuff is good. You can eat it by itself or with tortilla chips like my family likes. YUM!


雞肉(切丁),西紅柿(切丁),罐頭玉米,黑豆,沙拉醬,孜然,辣椒粉或辣椒,洋蔥粉或洋蔥,奶油芝士(cream cheese)


1、除芝士以外全部ingredient放進鍋,設其體積為2,則加入體積為1的水,開火煮。 2、水開後放上芝士,等芝士融了,翻一翻就可以出碟了。